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welcome to NetHomeFX - Custom Websites & Hosting Services

Custom Websites at affordable prices

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Joomla! is an award-winning content management system (CMS)



Used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions - CMS



Powerful website capable of supporting large amount of traffic.



Versatile Content Management System for next generation websites.


Clean - Crisp - Responsive - Professional

Websites that pop with sharp clean views that will attact your customers.

Fully responsive websites that are sure to render properly on any device.

  • Responsive websites that simply work
  • Host with us or Host where you want
  • Choose the number of page you want on your site
  • Add only the Options you want an pay less
  • Full site support and customization
  • Professional Support you can count on
  • Hosting Includes
  • Backup performed nightly
  • Joomla Hourly Support and Training available
  • Custom Template designs
  • Azura Page Builder

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Why NetHomeFX ?

Broad Professional Experience

We have been designing, implementing and supporting customers and their websites across a broad spectrum of vertical markets for 15 years. In addition we quite often receive our customers from other companies that have failed to complete projects or have exceeded reasonable costs. Consider us if you have a failed project or a site that simply does not function as designed.

Time & Attention

We take time to spend with you and fully understanding what you are looking for. We then develop a prototype and give you the opportunity to tell us what you want changed, added, or simply redesigned. I great website is when a professional designer listens closely to what his customer wants and then simply produces it.

Customer Interaction

Have you ever tried to contact a support line and had to listen to an automated system route you through seemingly endless choices and options?

When you call us you get one of the owners or technicians that are based right here in the United States and can communicate clearly with you and the questions you might have.

  • No Automated Answering System
  • Quick and Reliable Access
  • Knowledgeable Technicians

Call Us Today! 832-657-4446

Extremely Quick Response Time

We guarantee four working hour response time to all of our customers. When you have a special need or want to change something on your site we are there for you. Call us and we are with another customer we will call you back within four working hours.

Professional Effective Responsive

We promise to give you our utmost attention and respect while working with you to develop a professional website. When you contact us our intent is to handle all of your  website needs as effeciently and cost effective as possible. We guarantee that any interaction you have with us will be totally and completely professional and handled with the utmost care and attention.

Our mission is to insure you are completely satisfied with your website and the processes required to implement it. We then want to be your goto guys for any website needs you might have going forward.


While working with you and/or your team we will insure that every portion of your new website is Effective. By Effective we mean it should always contribute to clearly communicating to your website visitors information that is clearly communicated.

Questions We Ask:

  1. Is the content clear and precise?
  2. Does it attract a visitor to read and review?
  3. Can we improve this content with images or other attributes?
  4. Is this content needed at all?

Let us work with you on designing your next website. Come and see how we can move you through this process in an effecient and effective manner.


Resposive websites are those that will format properly for any type of device used to access your site.

We guarantee that all content on your site will be carefully checked to insure all size devices, PC's, Tablets and Smart Phones, can review you site quickly and properly formatted.

We use BrowserStack to check all of our sites to insure various browsers, screen sizes, browser versions and Operating Systems (Windows, IOS, Linux, Apache) 

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Our mission is to perform our work brilliantly to provide you with the very best outcome. We will always do our best to effectively engineer and insure your site meets or exceeds your expectations.

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